If the thought of dealing with Centrelink and the ever changing rules scares you, then you’re not alone.

Most of our clients prefer that we take care of Centrelink for them.

Many of our clients receive Centrelink benefits as a core part of their retirement income strategy but don’t want the stress of dealing with Centrelink. If you:

  • Have been forced into an early retirement due to medical events, disability or the disability of a loved one;
  • Want to qualify for your maximum legal Centrelink entitlement;
  • Worry about dealing with Centrelink and don’t want to “get in trouble” by misunderstanding the rules or filling in the paperwork incorrectly;

then we can help you understand and maximise your entitlements.

We have two service levels:

  1. Centrelink Basic: we will advise you about your current and future entitlements and provide the information you need to complete Centrelink forms;
  2. Centrelink Comprehensive:We do it all! We provide you advice, complete all your paperwork, update Centrelink for you and fix any and all Centrelink errors that seem to inevitably arise.

For some of our clients, structuring their investments properly can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra benefits. This can help extend the longevity of capital or dramatically improve your lifestyle in retirement.

Retirement Advice Specialists

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