The question we are asked most often by our clients is: “If I do that, how long will my money last?”

If working is about saving and building wealth, then retirement is about generating income and spending it. We work with retirees and pre-retirees to help them understand when they can afford to retire, and the likely income and lifestyle they will enjoy in retirement. To aid in that conversation every client has a personalised financial model that shows how long the money will last.

At review your personalised model is the black box through which you will:

  • explore the impact of different investment strategies;
  • examine the affect of spending choices you could make (e.g. holidays, new cars, renovations etc);
  • receive guidance on the impact of legislative changes;
  • understand the impact of market movements on your capital longevity;
  • consider your aged care options.

An Example of a Wealth Projection Graph Provided to Our Clients

Our clients receive a clear understanding of their retirement, and the lifestyle their super and investment portfolio can support into retirement. Most importantly they gain confidence that they can enjoy themselves without worrying about how long their money will last in retirement.